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Carl Safina

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We launched EcoFish in 1999 with the belief that there are many concerned people just like us who care about where their food comes from, care for the environment, and desire a source of all natural premium quality seafood from environmentally sustainable fisheries.

Having spent 10 years in the seafood industry — traveling around the globe visiting seafood exchanges from Tokyo to Paris, Beijing to Madrid, we witnessed the astounding volume of seafood being sold each day on these exchanges, and noticed the size of many of the fish decreasing. Simultaneously, there was more and more news that numerous species were being fished to the point of commercial extinction (the point at which it is uneconomical to fish for them any longer because there are so few target fish left). It became very evident to us that the world is harvesting the oceans far faster than the oceans can replenish themselves, and these resources need better management.

In addition to our seafood industry experience, we have always had a deep respect for and great appreciation of the oceans. As a youngster, Henry was inspired by Jacques Cousteau, spent time volunteering at the New England Aquarium, and learned to scuba dive. Now as avid scuba divers and sea kayakers, whenever we have a chance, we love to explore new areas. While living on the Maine coast, we also had the good fortune and opportunity to have our own lobster boat and a few traps!

With these thoughts in mind, Henry sat down and began to write the EcoFish Business Plan. A lot has changed since then. Today you can find EcoFish/Henry & Lisa's in over 3,500 grocery/natural food stores and many restaurants nationwide.  But a lot has stayed the same. We are still a small company with lofty goals and the belief that we all deserve choice, and given the tool to make good decisions, consumers will vote with their wallets and support healthy fisheries.

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