"I have been ordering EcoFish from Ozark Coop Warehouse and my members love it!"

Kim B.

Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood

Dear Friends,
Check out our new logo! Yup, thatís what we look like! Weíre the folks from EcoFish that have been bringing you the healthiest and most sustainable seafood since 1999.

Since then, you our loyal customers have told us that youíre interested in learning even more about who we are, why our special fish is the healthiest you can eat, who are all those cool chefs that developed our tasty marinades and who the local fisherman are that catch our fish.

So here you go, look for exciting enhancements to our packaging ahead, and even more great products. Donít fret, even with these exciting new additions much will stay the same; the stuff in the box is tough to improve upon, and we will always be passionately committed to your health and environmental sustainability.

Hereís to Your Health,