"Bravo!!!!! Finally a wonderful fish that I can serve to a discriminating palate (such as my own), right here in…where we simpy cannot get great fish. Move over fish markets—I won't shop there any more. We just tried the Wild Alaskan Salmon and Wild Alaskan Halibut and it was over the top fantastic. I never take the time to e-mail anyone about their product unless it is something my family would rate a true 10—thank you you scored!"

Jaimee Z.

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Have an all Natural, Sustainable Seafood Department Overnight!!

Check out our new packaging! These designs are developed to produce maximum shelf presence and "pop." They will literally swim off your shelf! Since our recent packaging redesign and launch of these dynamic new products, the nation's top two natural foods retailer publications have listed Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood numerous times as a top five grocery seller in randomly surveyed stores! Don't miss out; get Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood in your store now!

Wild Sardines in Spring Water & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chef Entrees
We are thrilled to introduce Wild Sardines from Portugal.

Our succulent meaty sardines are caught off the beautiful coast of Portugal in late summer when the fish have fattened up for spawning, utilizing certified sustainable time-honored net fishing techniques. These sleek silvery fish are rapid reproduces and travel in schools in the confluence of the tropical and northern currents off of Portugal creating productive upwelling. They feed near the surface at night on plankton, allowing fishers to easily target their catch and avoid by-catch of other species.

Wild Portuguese Sardines come from a MSC certified sustainable fishery.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Grab 'n Go Wild Alaskan Cod
Chef Entrees

From the pristine Alaskan waters this versatile white fish is the perfect addition to our Grab 'n Go Line. Alaskan Cod has moist, firm fillets, a distinctive large flake and a slightly sweet flavor. It can be baked, poached, steamed, sautéed, or deep-fried for fish and chips. It takes well to many different marinades, sauces and coatings, and is a great source of high quality protein.

Wild Alaskan Cod comes from a MSC certified sustainable fishery.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

No Salt Added - Canned Albacore Tuna
Chef Entrees
We have expanded our can seafood line to include a NO SALT ADDED Solid White Albacore Tuna. We are proud to use only BPA free lined cans.

We have been told by many and believe ourselves that this is the world's best tuna in a can. Our fisher friends in the Pacific Northwest catch them in small family boats on hook and line. They deep chill the tuna on-board within minutes, preserving the meat's peak freshness. At the local micro-cannery, only the best part of the loin is used, and the tuna is cooked only once in the can, in its own natural Omega-3 rich oils. Due to this process, and the rich oils of this cold water species, our tuna is five times higher in heart-healthy Omega-3's then most brands. It is also much lower in mercury than most brands, because the tuna we use are smaller. Smaller fish = lower mercury. The bottom line is this is the highest quality, healthiest, most sustainable canned tuna you can buy!

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Battered Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets!
Chef Entrees
We are thrilled it introduce our first of its kind, battered wild Alaskan salmon fillets.

It all starts with the premium quality wild salmon fillets we use exclusively from the pristine cold water of Alaska, frozen within hours of harvest locking in peak freshness. Next, we apply our special crispy all-natural gluten free batter. We think you'll agree that our original battered salmon fillets are the best tasting and healthiest around.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers - Two Varieties - Original and Teriyaki!

Chef Entrees We all love to cookout so we set out to create a healthy alternative to the traditional hamburger. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers - Original and Teriyaki - raise the bar; they are all natural, healthy, packed with heart healthy omega 3's, gluten free and delicious to boot.
Handcrafted with care from wild Alaskan Salmon, these "burgers" will satisfy even the heartiest appetite. Toss 'em on the grill and you will love the flavor and enjoy knowing that you are supporting small fishing communities in Alaska!

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Wild Alaskan Fish Nuggets - 2 Varieties
Gluten Free Whole Battered Pollock Fillet & Breaded Minced Pollock

Chef EntreesThe fishstick has evolved!! We set out to create the best fish stick on earth. We think you'll agree that these revolutionary Nuggets are the best tasting and healthiest you've ever eaten - here's why. Our Pollock fillets are frozen on-board boats in the Bering Sea of Alaska within hours of harvest, preserving their peak freshness. We've used minimal breading so you'll get more fish with every bite and naturally there are no trans fats.

Our Wild Alaskan Fish Nuggets tested safe for unlimited consumption for children by Seafood Safe.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Canned Salmon & Canned Tuna
Chef EntreesEcoFish is pleased to add two omega-3 rich, canned products to our suite of premium quality seafood from sustainable fisheries. Choose from sashimi grade, solid white meat tuna and/or premium boneless and skinless wild Alaskan salmon. Both species are meticulously hand filleted and packed. Independently tested for mercury and PCB’s, both products carry the Seafood Safe label allowing consumers to maximize the health benefits of seafood. In addition, we are proud to use only BPA free lined cans.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Celebrity Chef Entree-
Wild Alaskan Salmon with Asian Ginger Marinade

Chef EntreesA first of its kind, the EcoFish award winning Celebrity Chef Entrée offers consumers the tools to easily create a white tablecloth restaurant quality seafood dinner right in their own home! The all-natural, individually packaged, marinade included in the package were designed exclusively for EcoFish by award winning celebrity chef, Nora Pouillon of Restaurant Nora, her Asian Ginger Marinade is the perfect compliment to our Wild Alaskan Salmon.

This entree is quick and easy to prepare using the three steps right on the box. They contain a 7 oz. portion of seafood and a 2 oz. marinade packet for a total of 9 oz. net weight. Cases contain 6 boxes each.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Grab 'n Go Line
Bulk Packs Henry & Lisa's Grab’n Go Wild Alaskan Salmon is designed with value and convenience in mind. The 5 lb. master case containing 20 – 4 oz., the individually packaged portions make this Grab’n Go hard to resist. Fixed weight portions make pricing a snap. Designed to fit any retail format. Each individual package displays a Henry & Lisa's label that provides net weight, nutrition information, a celebrity chef recipe and our trusted Seafood Safe label to help customers maximize the health benefits of seafood.

For more information, download our Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood information sheet.

Henry & Lisa's Natural Shrimp!
Organic Shrimp BagWe are pleased to offer cooked and uncooked all natural white shrimp!

Henry & Lisa's Natural White Shrimp are grown in a state of the art aquaculture facility in Ecuador. The eco-friendly farm utilizes crystal-clear river water direct from the Andes Mountains. Naturally raised according to European organic standards without chemicals, antibiotics, genetic modifications or pollution. Great for shrimp cocktail, salads, pasta dishes or on the grill. We believe you’ll find these shrimp to be the best tasting and healthiest shrimp you will ever eat! The Organic White Shrimp carries a Seafood Safe label of 16+, indicating you may eat as much as you like!

The shrimp are individually quick frozen, peeled and medium sized (51/60 ct.). They are available in 8 oz. re-sealable, standup pouches. Cases contain 6 pouches each.

For more information contact your local distributor.

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